Missed Call Texting

Never miss a new client’s call again

Missed Calls Don’t Have to Mean Missed Customers!


Do you ever get frustrated that people calling your business don’t always leave voicemails? 


How much do you rely on your office phone for new business?


If you’re like most businesses, you probably get a fair amount of people calling in asking for quotes or asking to schedule appointments for your services. We all strive to answer the phone every time it rings, but sometimes it’s just not possible. If your hands are full or you’re tied up with another customer or the call comes in after hours, that call might just be sent to your voicemail. 


At Inca, we’ve come up with a simple solution to help with this problem. Studies show that more people would rather text a business than call. Inca’s solution to this problem is to automatically send out a text message from your office phone or texting number to every caller that is missed. We call it a missed-call text.


Missed call texting is a big deal! For one, it lets your customers know that they can text you instead of calling you for every question they have. Having an option to text your business rather than leaving a voicemail is so attractive to customers, that most of the time they will text you back! We’ve actually built analytics into our software so that you can see if people are responding to your missed-call texts. You’ll save time from not being on the phones as often as well as save customers that might just hang up the phone and dial someone else.


But I don’t miss any calls.


You might not, but chances are you miss more than you realize. According to a study, 62% of calls are missed by small businesses. Inca’s analytics will also allow you to see how many calls you miss.


Automatic text responses are helpful in many situations. Missed calls are one of those situations, and having a solution for that problem will set your business apart. Go to www.getinca.com and schedule a time for a demo today. We’ll be able to show you how many calls you actually miss and you’ll be able to see if texting is important to your customers or not.

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