Best Alternatives for ZipWhip and Why It’s Shutting Down

Never miss a new client’s call again

ZipWhip, as many of you may know, is a leading missed-call text messaging service that is nearing the end of its journey, leaving its current customers to fend for themselves. If you’re reading this, chances are that you are, or were, a customer of ZipWhip. So what’s next? In this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the best alternatives for ZipWhip, INCA. INCA is an up-and-coming missed-call text messaging service with a full range of advantages. But first, why is ZipWhip shutting down?

Why is ZipWhip Shutting Down?

The reason ZipWhip is shutting doesn’t necessarily bear any negativity. It’s actually the opposite, for Twilio x ZipWhip. As they stated “Twilio’s vision is to build the world’s leading customer-engagement platform and provide businesses and developers with a powerful suite of messaging offerings.” In order to accomplish this, they’ve decided that focusing solely on Twilio and their suite of services is the most viable approach. Unfortunately, this move leaves many of you, the users of ZipWhip, abandoned and looking for another solution to save leads lost at the hands of missed calls. Luckily, INCA is here to help. 

4 Reasons INCA is the Best Alternative to ZipWhip

  1. You Can Keep Your ZipWhip Number 
    That’s right! With INCA you can avoid combing through all of your digital directories and contacting your customer base, or wherever else you might have your ZipWhip number listed, just to change your number associated with your new software. 
  2. Quick, Easy Set Up
    Unlike a handful of other missed-call text messaging services, INCA takes no more than 5 minutes to get set up. This is possible because our system requires zero installation and is easily accessible through our app.
  3. Low Cost
    Do you know how much your leads are worth? Chances are you do. So how much are you willing to pay to save leads via text message? INCA fits all small business budgets, while many other softwares have more expensive monthly rates, require upgrades for full access, and hit you with those notorious hidden fees.
  4. 80% Response Rate
    With INCA, you can almost guarantee an 80% response rate when sending missed-call text messages. Not only is this substantially better than the 20% response rate we see with voicemails, but it saves 100% of the time manually contacting missed callers takes!

Now that you know all about INCA and how we could be your alternative to ZipWhip, go ahead and schedule a demo with us here. We’re looking forward to reviewing all of the cool features that we have to offer, specifically geared to you and your business.

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